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My shop is dedicated to the complete and accurate restoration of all double barrel shotguns, but especially the L.C. Smith guns. I specialize in returning these old guns back to factory specs. I have a ton of factory parts and I've restocked over 300 L.C. Smiths. My goal is to make this gun looks just as it did when it left the L.C. Smith or Hunter Arms plant. Feel free to call me to discuss your gun. 304-843-1740 8;00am to 5:00 pm EST. I love discussing the guns and all aspects of the gun. I specialize in the repair and installation of the Hunter One Trigger and ejectors. I care about the guns and the repairs. I know the guns well and take pride in a quick return and professional work. Please feel free to list your L.C. Smith guns or any other guns for sale on this board. I encourage you to use this site to learn about the guns and to advance yourself as a shooter, collector and jack of all trades with these old guns. Please be courteous and keep it clean. I will not tolerate any drama. Enjoy, share and have fun with it all.
Life is very short. Jerry Andrews

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12/05/2016 2:25 pm  #1

1969 LC Smith Safety

The safety on my Elsie only has two settings. on/off. I thought they had 3 where the setting closest to the butt stock enabled you to shoot sheet/trap without having to activate the safety every time after reloading. Is this correct? How can this be corrected?


12/06/2016 7:42 am  #2

Re: 1969 LC Smith Safety

The older guns had the 3 position safety. They made the change to a two position for legal issues I think later.  I can put it back for you if you want it in the 3 position.  Thanks much, Jerry


3/10/2024 9:59 pm  #3

Re: 1969 LC Smith Safety

Good win vs the pacers. Pistons looks so much better without smith. Now they just need a shooter that can space the floor and then theyre going at a good position moving forward


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