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My shop is dedicated to the complete and accurate restoration of all double barrel shotguns, but especially the L.C. Smith guns. I specialize in returning these old guns back to factory specs. I have a ton of factory parts and I've restocked over 300 L.C. Smiths. My goal is to make this gun looks just as it did when it left the L.C. Smith or Hunter Arms plant. Feel free to call me to discuss your gun. 304-843-1740 8;00am to 5:00 pm EST. I love discussing the guns and all aspects of the gun. I specialize in the repair and installation of the Hunter One Trigger and ejectors. I care about the guns and the repairs. I know the guns well and take pride in a quick return and professional work. Please feel free to list your L.C. Smith guns or any other guns for sale on this board. I encourage you to use this site to learn about the guns and to advance yourself as a shooter, collector and jack of all trades with these old guns. Please be courteous and keep it clean. I will not tolerate any drama. Enjoy, share and have fun with it all.
Life is very short. Jerry Andrews

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12/02/2016 1:30 am  #1

1905 L.C. Smith

I recently picked up a 1905 L.C. Smith, regular frame, outside hammers, from a pawn shop for $80 out the door. I am currently in the process of studying gunsmith work at SDI, and this is a personal project that I wanted to tackle. I already know I need these things:

1.) New stock and forend
2.) Right hammer
3.) Right hammer spring
4.) Ejector
5.) Probably all new screws
6.) Firing pin and cap, left side
7.) Schematics?

I have not had the chance to open it up yet since I do not have the proper tools quite yet, so I am unable to see what the interior is or what grade of firearm I have. It has been difficult to find parts and pictures for reference. I am anxious to start this project but not in a rush. I plan on giving you a call tomorrow but needed to type this out so I can organize my thoughts.


12/03/2016 7:44 am  #2

Re: 1905 L.C. Smith

Feel free to call me Monday, I'll be busy this weekend   I'll be glad to help you however I can with your project, Jerry


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