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My shop is dedicated to the complete and accurate restoration of all double barrel shotguns, but especially the L.C. Smith guns. I specialize in returning these old guns back to factory specs. I have a ton of factory parts and I've restocked over 300 L.C. Smiths. My goal is to make this gun looks just as it did when it left the L.C. Smith or Hunter Arms plant. Feel free to call me to discuss your gun. 304-843-1740 8;00am to 5:00 pm EST. I love discussing the guns and all aspects of the gun. I specialize in the repair and installation of the Hunter One Trigger and ejectors. I care about the guns and the repairs. I know the guns well and take pride in a quick return and professional work. Please feel free to list your L.C. Smith guns or any other guns for sale on this board. I encourage you to use this site to learn about the guns and to advance yourself as a shooter, collector and jack of all trades with these old guns. Please be courteous and keep it clean. I will not tolerate any drama. Enjoy, share and have fun with it all.
Life is very short. Jerry Andrews

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4/04/2017 3:58 pm  #1

Specialty grade

Jerry, picked up a 12 ga Elsie  with hunter one trigger. Right barrel fires, left barrel does not. Looking to send this to you for repair. Also, left barrel seems to be opened up with a wider choke than the right barrel;   Barrels are 32" and are not cut. Is this a custom gun? I like to upland bird hunt, and this choke configuration might pose a problem.


4/07/2017 5:46 am  #2

Re: Specialty grade

I'd be happy to work on your gun,  please send to me at
Jerry Andrews
1225 Grandview Rd
Moundsville, WV 26041
You can call me at 304-843-1740


11/24/2017 3:49 pm  #3

Re: Specialty grade

I have a minty Specialty Grade 12 gauge with a single trigger.  The left tube is blown out at the muzzle.  Your thoughts?


11/29/2017 7:50 am  #4

Re: Specialty grade

I have some barrels, featherweight or regular weight?  Jerry


12/01/2017 8:01 pm  #5

Re: Specialty grade

Jerry I have a 20ga lc smith and I need new barrels.I think they are 26" .Is this some thing you might have? Thanks Jim Leavitt


12/04/2017 6:39 am  #6

Re: Specialty grade

I have a set of field barrels but they are cut off at 25 3/4th's   Are they of interest? Jerry


12/04/2017 9:56 am  #7

Re: Specialty grade

Jerry I believe I have a feather weigh. There are two screws on the left side plate and the lug on the under side of the gun measures 11/16" in length. Hope I am not a pest.Jim Leavitt


12/06/2017 7:24 am  #8

Re: Specialty grade

Not at all! This board is for this very thing. All 20 gauges were featherweights.  Is your gun a 20 gauge?


12/06/2017 8:58 am  #9

Re: Specialty grade

I am very interested in the 20ga barrels that you have. Do the barrels still have chokes? How much money do you want for the barrels?. My hearing is quite bad so it is hard for me to talk on the phone but I may give you a call. Thanks Jerry. Jim Leavitt


4/12/2021 3:01 pm  #10

Re: Specialty grade

Where does the Specialty grade rank against the Parker grades and Fox grades? I have read it is equal to either a Parker G grade or a D grade, or Fox C grade.

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